Litech Engineering provides energy management services that encourage energy users to lower energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Energy Management team is comprised of experienced, certified energy managers and professional engineers who understand the linkages between operational constraints and energy use. Our technical team approach hinges on collection of primary data for the facility current energy use. We look at what influences the energy consumption based on existing appliances, power consumption patterns, and then looking at opportunities for energy saving.

Litech engineering is able to develop and tailor energy management solutions to suit our clients’ needs, from management and operational changes to small and major capital projects.

We combine our recommendations to create an Action Plan to drive implementation and sustain energy savings.

We identify energy savings opportunities quantified to show cash savings, energy savings and greenhouse gas savings. Following the completion of the initial assessment, our team is able to offer energy management training, assistance with implementation and ongoing support.

We help our customers implement new energy efficiency programs or adapt existing ones to meet current standards.

We enable our customers to confidently invest in solutions that meet their energy saving goals.


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